We are now taking applicants for our SERRA monitoring system. This system will allow you to automate the growing process while capturing data to make better informed choices….or let SERRA do it for you. The choice is yours. 

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Temperature Controlled

Grown Hydroponically 

Faster and Bigger Yields

Nutrient Rich Solutions

No Pesticides or Harmful Chemicals

We use machine learning technology paired with computer vision to grow hydroponic crops that produce a bigger yield time and time again. Growing crops in a hydroponic way means we use up to 95% less water than traditional farming methods and produce crops faster than traditional farming methods.


Why are hydroponic crops better than traditional crops?  Druid is growing everything in a controlled environment which allows for more precise control over the growing conditions of each crop. This means higher germination rates, higher yields, better quality control, and in the end a satisfied customer with fresh, healthy food. 

vertical farm hydroponic system

Not only is growing hydroponic crops more sustainable than soil, it also means this system is scale-able through vertical farming as well. This means that the return on investment per square foot is incredible.

Vertical farming can produce drastically more food than traditional methods. For example. 

Look below at examples of how much more production a vertical farm is able to provide.


Since we can hold every crop accountable, we can also use the data from each crop to generate bigger yields. This means as we get older, each system’s learning curve gets shorter and shorter, meaning more production.


Our development is in our hydroponic growing system that integrates both horizontal and vertical farming methods and we are working on an intelligent growing system which controls all of the inputs of our hydroponic growing system.

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