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THe Grove

Saving the planet one crop at a time

An exclusive membership that serves organic, vertically farmed, delicious, heirloom crops delivered to your door.

    Our hydroponically farmed produce
    Heirloom crops sourced from local farmers
    The Best D*mn Subscription Box Ever!

    Why сhoose Us

    We combine our vertical farming technology and heirlooms crops from local farms 

    to bring the freshest, healthiest, tastiest subscription service ever

    Locally Grown

    We build our farms near city centers, so we're extremely close to the communities we serve.

    Better than Organic

    No herbicides or persticides were used in the growing process, so technically its vegan!

    AI-Managed Farming

    Our farms are monitored by our machine-learned algorithm trained by historical agriculture data- a fancy way to our farms are equipped with the knowledge of decades of farming experience.

    Less Food Miles

    We'll be able to deliver within a 25 mile radius around each city, ensuring that your order is fresh and flavorful

    Virtuous Cycle

    We're building a food system that brings value to everyone from the farmer to the customer

    Year round Availability

    Our indoor produce will be grown 365 days a year, all other crops will be depend on seasonality

    What are you waiting for?

    First 200 subscribers will receive 10% off for life