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Why we started Druid.


A few years ago in 2016, I was coming out of college working freelance as a marketing analyst. One client asked me to analyze a set of data regarding US agriculture. As a result, I fell down a rabbit hole of data and information that alarmed me. I learned a terrible truth that isn’t talked about enough in today’s media: The world is heading for a global crisis in food.

By 2050, the world will reach 10 billion people. As it stands now, we would need an entirely new continent to grow enough food to feed the world. This is because we use land for many different purposes. We use half of the world’s land for food, and the rest for housing, businesses, infrastructure like roads and bridges. In addition, we already use 70% of the land in the US for agriculture like raising cattle and corn fields.

Fortunately we live in a time of exponential technological advancement. Scientists and biotech engineers around the globe have worked with industrials farms to create GMO crops meant have the highest possible yields in the field. And for the last few decades it meant we’ve enjoyed Avocados from Mexico, Dragonfruit from Indonesia, and Leafy Greens from California


But it also means that almost everything in the grocery is sprayed with pesticides and preservatives in order to last weeks in the shipping process. And as a result, the average fruits and vegetables available today have seen a steady decline in the essentials nutrients like protein, calcium and vitamins…

Today most people go to farmer’s markets to get high-quality, pesticide free produce. People enjoy going to markets to find and taste unique, heirloom crops. But unfortunately the costs of boutique, small scale, sustainable farming means those Cherokee tomatoes and Bradford collard greens are beyond the price point of most consumers.

 The Way Forward

What if we didn’t have to sacrifice easy access for tastes and nutrients? What if you could get the best of your local farmer’s market delivered to your door at a reasonable price? And what if we could match that with fresh, locally grown produce grown in the heart of the city?

That what’s we’re looking to build here at Druid. With artificial intelligence, data science and our revolutionary farm systems, we can bring about the modern agricultural revolution the world needs. We’re committed to bringing locally grown fruits and vegetables to cities across America and the world. Because if we’re going to build the future in the face of climate change, we need a more sustainable way to feed ourselves.

2016 - Present

Queen City Farms

Queen City Farms in Charlotte was started with a focus on indoor farming.


Triangle Grows

Microgreen Urban Farm in Raleigh Starts up.

2019- Present


Druid combines technology and hydroponics to start on the revolutionary growing system.

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